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    Sightjogging Luxembourg

  • What is it ?

    Luxembourg Sightjogging consists of discovering Luxembourg city and its heritage by jogging. 


    Sightjogging is not a race, it's a sightseeing sport for all levels. The goal is to enjoy the sites and landscapes of the city without time constraints.


    During the visit we may stop to recover your breath or comment on the sites, we want to share a well-being jog while discovering Luxembourg in a different way. 

    Who is it for?


    Do you like jogging? Would you like to visit Luxembourg in a different way? Then, you are definitely a sightjogger!

    You don't have to be a professional runner, we propose different circuits adapted to your level.


  • Circuits


    We propose different circuits depending on what you want. Are you urban? Are you nature? Are you a mix of both? Luxembourg offers everything you want!




    "Luxembourg city has 51.46 km2 waiting for you to discover"

    City center, Centre-ville, Luxembourg, Palais, Courir, Sightjogging Luxembourg, SJL

    City Center

    Luxembourg Past

    Palais / Castle

    Old city


    Kirchberg, Luxembourg, Modern Part, U.E, Circuit, Courir Luxembourg, Courir, Activités, Activités Luxembourg, Activities Luxembourg, Sightjogging Luxembourg, SJL


    The modern part


    European Institutions

    Financial Center

    Modern Architecture

    Grund, Clausen, Luxembourg, History Luxembourg, Circuits, Activities Luxembourg, Activités Luxembourg, Sightjogging Luxembourg, SJL

    Grund & Clausen

    Nature & History

    UNESCO's World Heritage

    Luxembourg, Courir, Activités, Activités Luxembourg, Activities Luxembourg, Sortir Luxembourg, Circuits, Sightjogging Luxembourg, SJL

    Want another circuit?

    We can propose anything you want

    Tell us what you want to discover

  • How can I sightjog?


    Just contact us! :)

    Who? When? How? Why?
    Tell us your level, how many people you are and how much time you want to spend sightjogging.  


    Alone or in group, we will arrange a meeting point to pick you up (somewhere in the city or at the hotel) and we will start sharing the fun.




    "Life and running is not all about time but about our experiences along the way."

    - Jen Rhines, U.S. Olympic marathoner -




    How does it work?

    Price to be discuss


    4 +

    Routes proposed



    1h - 1h30

    depending on the circuit and rhythm

  • Who are we ?


    We are not professional runners and we are not professional tourist guides. We love jogging and we love Luxembourg and we want to share it with you.





    "Don't fear moving slowly forward...fear standing still."

    - Kathleen Harris -


    EN / FR / ES / CAT

    "I love jogging for fun, my goal is 'to ENJOY'. Luxembourg offers the possibility to jog outdoors and discover the city and the nature around it." 


    EN / FR

    "I love jogging to relax. No pressure for time or reaching a goal. Luxembourg has a rich history and each time I go jogging is a new journey"